Operation and maintenance training is often a neglected but very important part of the total machine efficiencies. The labelers are often the most complex piece of production equipment on the line and therefore can create a bottle neck in achieving production goals. To avoid the problems caused by inadequate training, it is important to understand the end user needs and what information is needed in an effective training package.

Years of hands on experience enables us to provide for the needs of the operators and maintenance technicians through customized training packages.

Below is a sample checklist of specific information that are covered in an effective training package for labeling machine operators and maintenance \ electrical technicians.

Operator Needs:

  • Understand how to operate the equipment safely.
  • Have a basic understanding of the entire labeling process and the function of each component in the process.
  • Understand the purpose and use of all the controls.
  • Perform basic adjustments and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Have a general knowledge of changeovers.
  • Have an understanding of quality control requirements and ┬ábe able to maintain acceptable production.
Maintenance \ Electrical Technician needs:
  • Understand the nuts and bolts of how each machine operates.
  • Understand the machine control systems.
  • Know how to effectively troubleshoot the labeling process.
  • Know how to effectively troubleshoot and repair individual machine problems.
  • Perform routine maintenance.
  • Perform setups and changeovers.

Training classes are performed at the customers location on the customers specific equipment. Our courses are a mix of classroom and hands on training.Training can be customized to all your specific needs.

Let LES's experience help your operators and technicians to increase your productivity!