Are you considering the purchase or sale of a used labeler?

Are you trying to purchase a "pre-owned" labeler and are just not confident about your decision?

Are you trying to sell a labeler and want to provide the prospective buyer MORE CONFIDENCE in the purchase?

Then contact LES!

We can provide mechanical and electrical inspections worldwide and provide you with a written report on the labeler's mechanical and physical condition. Our inspections are performed at buyer's or seller's equipment location! We have been performing inspections for over 20 years. LES has helped people, just like you, evaluate the condition of a labeler prior to purchasing it saving time, money, and headaches.

If you are selling a labeler, the LES inspection report can confirm your labeler is a "worthy investment".

What happens after you select LES for your equipment inspection? We will set up an appointment, and from there it's simple. Our expert will thoroughly examine the labeler and check it from infeed to discharge and from head to base. The labeler can be inspected "inline" or in storage. Some conditions may limit the total scope of the inspection. A detailed written inspection report along with the supporting photos will be made available within twenty-four hours of the physical inspection.

You'll know right away if this is the labeler for you. You will have the confidence in knowing you made a sound investment based on an unbiased professional evaluation of the equipment, not because you took someone's word.

If you are selling your labeler, you can use our report and photos of your equipment to aid in the buyer’s decision.